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The worlds not as beautiful as it used to be
and fuck this country, this isn’t free
Sick of being told who to be
by these pig ass fucking thieving police
America, you think you slick?
America can suck a big fat dick
Politics gotta cheat there way to the top
and this shits never gonna stop
when we fearin our government more than our killers
and the sirens hunt a young girls dreams
while her guts fucking burst from the seams
You finally fail, chest impale, your boys in jail
baby ill be waiting for you when you get out
with a truck of cold corpses, babe no fucking doubt
Ive never felt such a will to live
Happiness is just a state of the mind
Self respect and esteem combined
accept yourself for once in your life
Live a little and remove the knife
You don't need him to tell you to smile
Sense he left you been smiling all the while
I feel like I've been suffocating for years
And the man with the pillow is all of my fears
Keep swimming to the surface cause you've been under too long
why the fuck are you drowning, you know you're too strong
You could never be more beautiful to me
and understand that love is free
Mad enough to scream, sad enough to cry
Easiest way out is to go get high
And boy don't pretend you're not under my spell
Don't pretend you don't lust after hell,
Addicted to the chaos obsessed with pain
In love with the poison flowing through my veins
now ask Freud about that forbidden desire
Nothing burns like a guilty fire
My scarlet letter branded for the world to see
And this shits murder in the third degree
perched on your shoulder, whisper in your ear
sweet nothings of this political sphere
And I can teach you how to get to the top
lying, cheating, hustlin, nonstop
Always remember that you're playing a game
Everybodys got to know your name

I can feel it building up, and I'm nothing but a toy
But you'll never see a tear fall over a boy
Practice makes perfect when you're trying to conceal
All of the hurt that you really feel
I hid the monster so far away
Far from the alter ego I portray
Yeah I know how to play the game
And who the fuck doesn't know my name?
Notorious, and if they only knew
That every rumor they've heard is true
Carrying a heavy heart on a broken back
The weight of the world can make anyone crack
Society's skins squeeze tight
During those long hopeless nights
Whats the future hold for such corrupt youth
Dripping blood screams the truth
Some days it feels like Im the same old me
Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be free,
Like i never changed, haven't grown
Like its always going to be me, alone
I try so hard to be over this
I try so hard not to reminisce
I hate having to let myself down
I hate that that part of me, is still around
I love the person Im becoming
I love when Im too strong for succumbing
But theres always those days, and those nights
But I still cant handle the pressure or fights
A lonely insomniac has time to think
An addict could use a pill and a drink
Someday I will overcome
Someday I'll be all that I want to become
When I go up high, when I touch the sky
When gravity's laws don't apply
When I go down low, just watch the grass grow
Go along with natures flow
Sun shines bright, everything's alright
listen to the music of the night
Mother nature speaks through creeks
From every mountains highest peaks
Never felt so free, never been so alive
Its these summer nights that help me survive
Ive never seen the moon so bright
And I'v never felt the way that I do tonight
Forget loud music forget flashing lights
my hearts never been to such great heights
Somethings in the water, loves in the air
I've been to places you'll never go,
I've been to places you'll never know,
Melting faces drip hot wax
And as I walk the sidewalk cracks
The whole world gone kaleidoscope
On the puppet masters rope
My heart beats an irregular race
Drops of sweat roll down my face
This is what its like to feel alive
This is the place I really thrive
Yeah maybe I'm crazy,maybe insane
I love to feel life, being pumped into my vein
The trees whisper secrets into my ear
Stare at my own reflection with fear
The girl in the mirror dances alone
In another world, my evil clone
I don't even know what emotion is
Too filled up with yao and thizz
Distance makes me feel strong
Like my life isnt going all wrong
Too strong to beg, too strong to cry
Sometimes it gets dark under a starless sky
I can't see which way to run
What happened to the fucking sun
Its hard too feel the breeze so numb
Hard feel anything through the rum
I can't hear the raindrops falling
I don't care so don't bother calling
Look at the caller ID and put it down
Too busy to think about who I'm letting down
I wish I could love,but don't know how
Something my brain just cannot allow
Man, I need a cigarette
Everyday going by in a haze
All day drink and blaze
I can't deal with my life alone
I need a little something to put me in the zone
And being sober gets old so quick
Comedown hitting me like a ton of bricks
And no God can't save me now
Go center stage and take a bow
Loneliness is eating me up
Blood fills up a champagne cup
When I come down I think of you
And all the shit you put me through
So I just take another hit
For everything I'll never admit.